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  • Reassessing Assessment in Covid-19 Crisis: The Importance of Discursive and Performative Reflection

    The Covid-19-forced pivot to remote teaching has upended productive discourse about evidence-based pedagogical practices. The recurring theme in the myriad of recommendations and best practices for engaging students in remote learning is the need to communicate care and hope, and to maintain a sense of connectedness. The pandemic is a great equalizer; the resultant uncertainties, […]

  • Lesson Planning and Reflection

    by: Kimberly VierraOSU Cascades – Business AdministrationStudent Engagement Program Manager “I have no question that students who learn, not professors who perform, is what teaching is all about: students who learn are the finest fruits of teachers who teach.” (Palmer, 2007, p.7). Dr. Funmi Amobi led us on a journey through the challenges of effective […]

  • First Generation Academics Reflect

    Below you will find an anonymous reflection by a first generation academic: neither of her parents graduated from college with a four year degree and she not only earned her BA, but went on to earn a MEd and finally a PhD.  She is one of many university faculty who are attending the OSU Center […]

  • Reflections on National Postdoctoral Association 2013 Annual Meeting

    I’m grateful to Barb Bond, Director of OSU’s Office for Postdoctoral Programs, for encouraging me to develop a poster and attend this year’s National Postdoctoral Association 2013 Annual Meeting that was held in Charleston, SC, this past weekend (March 15-17).  I’ve been working with Barb for the past year to develop and deliver workshops about […]