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  • Student Reflections Inform Teaching

    This week I have learned a few things: 1. I now completely understand why so many people drop out of college. 2. Insulin is as cheap as water. (I’m being sarcastic.) 3. My boyfriend gives the best hugs. 4. I can’t wait to become a teacher and help mold little brains. 5. Weighted blankets and […]

  • Requests for Extensions Getting You Down? Some Solutions.

    It is near the end of Week Seven here at Oregon State University. It is about the time faculty will be getting a lot of requests from students. Requests for more time for a paper, for a quiz, or for an exam. Requests for recording lectures, copies of notes, or zoom links. Most faculty want […]

  • Looking to Fall 2021!! Onwards to Better

    Dear OSU faculty and staff, We have missed you. With the arrival of the 2021 academic year a few weeks away, we are looking forward to seeing you our colleagues, and students, again. The excitement of starting is tempered somewhat by the uncertainty of the pandemic but OSU has safeguards in place, policy to guide […]