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  • Motivating Students to Complete Pre-Class Readings: Strategies and Tips

    Reading is critical to academic learning. Yet, the perennial lament among university professors is, “Why won’t students just do the reading?” It is reported that only 30% of students read the assigned material before class on any given day (Bhavsar, 2020; Hattenberg & Steffy, 2013; Hoeft, 2012). The reasons for not reading encompass poor reading […]

  • Student Tech

    The Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac 2013 was published this week, complete with insights from the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research’s annual survey of college students and IT.  This year’s survey collected data between February and April from 112,000 students at 251 institutions.  Five interesting findings: What device do the most students own?  Smartphone?  […]