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  • Canvas Hack: Using Outcomes to Generate Assurance of Learning Reports

    About the Author: John Morris is Senior Instructor I in the College of Business. Prior to joining OSU in 2009, he worked at Hewlett-Packard Company in software and technology training. He was part of the OSU Blackboard to Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) transition in 2013 and 2014 and was a College of Business Peer […]

  • Alternative grading: A framework for emphasizing learning and de-emphasizing grades

    What does an A, B, C, or D really mean in terms of student learning? Grades are overly emphasized in the assessment of student learning. Instructors give agonizing attention to decisions about how many points or how much partial credit to allocate to students’ work. Students stress about the points they get and oftentimes engage […]

  • RAP ON: Does Social Media Ease the Stress of Finals or INCREASE IT?

    About the Author: Amara Bradetich is a graduate student in the School of Public Health and Human Services at Oregon State University. Studying in the Human Development and Family Science area, her research focuses on how maternal stress during pregnancy affects child self regulation and sensory processing in early childhood. This post is part of […]

  • Wellbeing in the University Context: The Role of Assessment

    About the Author: Madeline Nichols is a doctoral student in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University. Studying in the Human Development and Family Studies program, her research broadly focuses on how older adults and adults in midlife understand, process, and regulate their emotions, and how those emotional competencies intersect […]

  • Sign up for OSU Teaching Workshops

    OSU’s Keep Teaching team, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Academic Technology are collaborating to offer workshops and webinars to help you prepare your Winter 2021 courses. Sign up today! Using Canvas to Give Better Feedback to Students - Wondering how you can give your students more efficient and effective feedback through Canvas? Are you […]

  • Reassessing Assessment in Covid-19 Crisis: The Importance of Discursive and Performative Reflection

    The Covid-19-forced pivot to remote teaching has upended productive discourse about evidence-based pedagogical practices. The recurring theme in the myriad of recommendations and best practices for engaging students in remote learning is the need to communicate care and hope, and to maintain a sense of connectedness. The pandemic is a great equalizer; the resultant uncertainties, […]