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  • UDL Part 3

    This post is the third post of my three-part UDL series. Post one, focused on Defining UD, DI, and UDL. Post two, Pedagogical Approaches for Implementing UDL provided principles, supporting research, and pedagogical approaches to support this framework. This final post, shares a lesson plan template along with a wealth of actionable strategies to use […]

  • Supporting Learner Variability: UDL Part 1

    This post is the first post of a three-part UDL series. This post focuses on defining UD, DI, and UDL. Future posts will further unpack UDL, provide recommendations for pedagogical approaches, share a lesson plan template and provide a wealth of actionable strategies to use for UDL implementation.    Supporting Learner Variability As equity-minded educators, […]