Author: Stevon Roberts

  • Ed Tech on the Edge: Demo and Dialogue

    Outside of conferences like Educause, or trade expos like CES, instructors don’t have many dedicated opportunities to interact with different technologies designed for (or leveraged by) educators. OSU’s Center for Teaching and Learning sought to remedy that in its first-ever session with an exclusive focus on Ed Tech, hosted by Cub Kahn and me. The […]

  • Excellence in Media: Leading by Example

    Last Thursday marked the first meeting of the Excellence in Media Professional Learning Community (PLC), a group of OSU instructors interested in delivering high-quality videos to students and peers. Today more than ever, faculty who want to delve into video production as a means to enhance their classes have many powerful, affordable hardware and software […]

  • Tools for the MOOC

    At the end of January, I started my first MOOC: E-Learning and Digital Cultures, offered by University of Edinburgh through Coursera. One of my goals early on was to compile a list of tools that I’ve used to organize and filter the massive flood of information that’s available to me. With over 7,300 active members, […]

  • The Case for Gamification – TAC.FM

    In this recorded episode of TAC.FM, Stevon Roberts and Mark Dinsmore talk about ways in which educators are applying game mechanics and game theory in educational contexts. The discussion begins with Valve software’s physics-based puzzle game “Portal.” The newest release from Valve, “Portal 2,” has a special distribution for educators, with map editors and access to […]

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the Center for Teaching and Learning blog. Here, you’ll find information, announcements, and stories from faculty in our key focus areas.