Box application updates

In its December Product Newsletter Box highlighted a number of updates that have been released recently.

The first is their Box Notes app.  As you can see in the following image they made several changes.

  1. They now have an “Inbox” that will show you notes that have been updated.  Updated notes will appear at the top of your list of notes will be bolded with a blue dot indicator.
  2. There is now a presence indicator at the top of the note page indicating who is currently in your note or who has recently accessed it, whether it was just for a quick review or to add content to your note.
  3. If someone made an update to your note it will highlight that update in purple the first time that you access that note.
Box Note changes

In Box Drive update 1.3 they changed the drag and drop experience for Windows users.  Previously dragging and dropping a file into your Box folder would move the file into Box from its original location.  Now, it copies the file rather than moves it. This is the same behavior that Mac users see when they drag and drop a file into a Box folder.

They updated the login process to optimize the flow for better support for SSO users.  Previously, a users would have to select the “Sign In with SSO” link that appeared under email address and password fields.  Now, they just enter their email address and they will be taken to their organizations SSO login page rather than being asked for a Box password.

Last but not least, Box has introduced a new navigation design for their Box for Android app.  This makes it easier to access your most critical content.  They also make it possible to monitor your file upload and download progress in the tool bar.

Box for Android screenshot
Box for Android.

While it is still in beta, Box is doing some exciting work with machine learning as applied to image recognition.  Behind the scenes they are leveraging Google Cloud Vision’s state-of-the-art machine learning models.   Some of the the planned features for this technology is:

  • Automatic identification of objects in images
  • Text detection of hand-written and typed text (OCR)
  • Indexing of metadata for improved search and discovery of images and faster image-centric workflows

For more news on this including lot of Box helps and knowledge base articles, check out the Box Community pages.

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