Welcome to the Oregon Survey Law Workshop #1!

Unlock the legal intricacies of land surveying in Oregon with our comprehensive workshop designed to equip land surveyors with the essential knowledge of statutes and common law decisions. Perfect for those gearing up for the Oregon Specific Land Surveying Examination, this workshop delves into the legal aspects of the surveying profession.

Event Details:

Date: February 22-23, 2024

Location: Owen Hall, Room 110, Oregon State University

Address: 1501 SW Campus Way, Corvallis, OR 97331

What to Expect:

Statute Laws, Rules, and Common Law Decisions: Gain insights into the fundamental Oregon land surveying statutes and rules, and common law decisions that form the backbone of the profession.

Comprehensive Reference Material: Receive a detailed binder packed with applicable statute laws, rules, court cases, and general references to keep you well-versed in the legal landscape of land surveying in Oregon.

Exam Preparation: Ideal for exam readiness, this workshop provides a solid foundation for those preparing to tackle the four-hour Oregon Specific Land Surveying Examination.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Oregon Statutory Laws: Develop the ability to read and comprehend Oregon Statutory Laws related to land surveying in the state.
  • Common Law System: Understand the legal common law system and master the skill of briefing common law cases.
  • Unwritten Property Rights: Identify and evaluate situations involving the unwritten transfer of land ownership.
  • Subdivisions and County Surveyor Laws: Acquire knowledge of land surveying laws concerning subdivisions including original and resurvey platting laws, as well as laws relating to County Surveyors.
  • U.S. Public Land Survey System: Navigate the basics of the U.S. Public Land Survey System with confidence.


Materials: Each attendee will receive a comprehensive binder containing all relevant notes and references to facilitate a deeper understanding of the course content.

Refreshments: Coffee will be provided to keep you energized and focused throughout the workshop.

Meals: Please note that meals will not be provided, so plan accordingly.

Join us on February 22-23, 2024, at Owen Hall, Room 110, Oregon State University, as we unravel the complexities of Oregon survey law, empowering you with the knowledge needed to excel in your professional journey.

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