Low-Carb in Norway

Maintaining Nora’s low carb diet in Norway has gone fairly smoothly, aided in part by shipments of Mission low carb tortillas in care packages from friends and family back home. But we’ve also found some local products to integrate.

One such product is a compressed-seed cracker, very similar to “Flackers”. Nora has been using them for breakfast lately.

The total weight of the package is 230 g, and there are 10 crackers. Each cracker is 23 g. In Norway, the nutritional information is given per 100 g for all food (instead of per serving like in the US). Therefore, each cracker is 23/100 of the nutritional information listed on the back. Assuming 1 tbl of butter and 1 tbl of jam on the cracker:

1 Cracker: 2.8 g net carbs, 3.9 g protein, 6.7 g fat, 3.2 g fiber (ratio of 6.7 g /(2.8 g + 3.9 g) = 1.0)
1 tbl butter: 11 g fat
1 tbl jam: 10 g net carb

Total: 12.8 g net carbs, 3.9 g protein, 17.7 g fat, and 3.2 g fiber
Ratio: 17.7 g / (12.8 g + 3.9 g) = 1.1

Pretty reasonable ratio for Nora at this point. To crank up the ratio for a more full-keto approach, simply reduce the jam, or top the cracker with only cream cheese.

As a point of interest, I also ran this calculation with a heavy fiber seed bread that is available here. I was curious to see if any kind of bread — even a very high fat and fiber type — can work. Running the same calculation as above (one slice of bread with 1 tbl jam and 1 tbl butter) yields a ratio of 0.75. A bit low. This leads me to conclude that you should likely assume not to use any bread on the keto or MAD diets, as a matter of course.

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2 thoughts on “Low-Carb in Norway

  1. Hi Ted!
    Thanks for a great blog!
    I am exploring Keto from an anti-inflammatory perspective, and finding it to be quite a journey! I have lived in Norway for 32 years, as a vegetarian when I arrived in 1989, which had its own challenges!
    Have you come access any low carb,keto friendly cafes or restaurants in Oslo in your explorations?
    Hope all is good for you otherwise!
    (Bristol UK -Nesodden by Oslo)

    • Hi Andy, we spent almost no time in Oslo, so we don’t have any good recommendations for you. We know its not easy being a vegetarian or low carb in Norway! But we felt like we ate well, and the culture of outdoor activity was certainly healthy!

      Med vennlig hilsen,
      Christy & Ted

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