GLUT1 test results are in…

Nora’s GLUT1 test was negative, with 91% sensitivity. With no other clinical signs of GLUT1 deficiency in her history (besides seizures and diet success), Nora’s doctor is feeling confident that this is not her issue.

That’s a good thing, because if it were positive she would need to be on a diet therapy for much longer, at least until adulthood. On the other hand, if she were positive we would have a better idea of prognosis into the future. The way would be a little more clear.

All in all, this is very fine news. Nora is still going strong, happy and seizure-free. She’s turned into a delightful 5 year old, transforming into a kindergartener before our eyes.

currantsSummer is lovely here while settling into our new house. I feel close to being moved-in and ready to bake again. Nora has not had any fancy new foods for awhile, relying on her top 15 foods more than ever. That’s all fine and dandy. We got a few red currants from our bush this year and integrated walnuts into her diet. It was an easy way to make something new. She has also liked iced tea, made with a caffeine-free herbal tea and cream.

Happy summer to all!