Hello again everyone! Just a friendly reminder that there is 44 days until Fall Formal Recruitment!

So, I’m a little bit OCD, and since I missed an even day to post on, I had to find some other connection…

There are 11 chapters on OSU’s campus, and 11×4=44, so I’m going to give you 4 awesome recruitment tips!

Bring extra shoes! You’re going to be running all over campus, and if you stay in your heels all day, you’re feet are going to kill

Don’t believe the stereotypes! Go into recruitment with an open mind, because you never know where you might fit in best!

Make friends with the girls in your walking group! These will be some of your first friends in college, and even if you end up in different houses, you’ll already have made some great connections!

– (Obviously) BE YOURSELF! Our chapters want to get to know the real you, and by being yourself you’ll find the perfect chapter for you.

See you all soon! I can’t wait!

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