Recruitment FAQs

  • Which Panhellenic sororities participate in formal recruitment?
    • All eleven Panhellenic sororities participate in formal recruitment.
  • What is formal recruitment?
    • Formal Recruitment is a mutual selection process in which potential new members will have the opportunity to meet sorority women through different days and events. The days include Go Greek Days, Philanthropy Day, Chapter Day, and Preference Night. The events of Formal Recruitment conclude with Bid Day.
  • Who is eligible to participate in Panhellenic recruitment at Oregon State?
    • You must be an admitted full-time, undergraduate degree seeking student at Oregon State.
  • Can women who are not first year students go through formal recruitment?
    • Yes, everyone has an equal opportunity to go through recruitment. There are plenty of students who are not first year students that go through recruitment and enjoy sorority life.
  • What are Rho Gammas?
    • Rho Gammas are Panhellenic women who have disaffiliated from their chapters for the week of Formal Recruitment. They act as guides for the women going through recruitment.
  • What is a potential new member?
    • A potential new member is a woman who is eligible to participate in recruitment.
  • What is the Panhellenic Council?
    • The Panhellenic Council is a council for all of the National Panhellenic Conference sorority chapters on campus. This council serves as the governing body for all NPC chapters on campus and organizes the recruitment process.
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