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  • Capstone Project Milestone

    One of the most significant challenges of developing a web-based game is ensuring that it runs smoothly on different browsers and devices. Cross-browser compatibility issues and performance limitations can be frustrating and time-consuming. To solve this challenge, we’ve tested our game on various browsers and devices to identify and address any issues. Though, it is […]

  • Capstone Blog – Technologies

    All technology is great, but if I had to choose my favorite so far it would be the Vue Framework. It is all too easy to run up a simple web application for all your needs. The organization of files, modules, and components is simple to get used to. I think my favorite aspect of […]

  • Capstone Blog – Clean Code & Code Smells

    After reading a GitHub Gist by Robert C. Martin, I am surprised to see that I have been following most of the code conventions for cleaner and nicer looking code. However, one thing that I would like to start doing better is leaving behind more descriptive comments on functions so that when I go back […]

  • Capstone – Blog Post #3

    While still in the early stages of development, we have been brainstorming effective ways to implement foreign language learning. Looking at various libraries for language translation and how easy it would be to include it in our project. There are so many libraries to choose from, however, we have narrowed it down to the most […]

  • Capstone – Blog Post #2

    After the first few weeks of writing up design documents for my team’s project, I can safely say that it is really coming together. Our project is a foreign language learning web application, similar to Duolingo. However, there is a twist. This app is not like any ordinary language learning application, but instead incorporates gamified […]

  • Capstone – Blog Post #1

    Hello, my name is Makenzie but I go by Kenzie. I live in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the outdoors. Things such as camping, hiking, and fishing. I was introduced to programming in high school through robotics. Since then, I have been eager to learn more about computers and code.  For the past 4 years […]