Capstone – Blog Post #2

After the first few weeks of writing up design documents for my team’s project, I can safely say that it is really coming together. Our project is a foreign language learning web application, similar to Duolingo. However, there is a twist.

This app is not like any ordinary language learning application, but instead incorporates gamified elements to give it a more game-like feel. We’ve discussed greatly as a team to decide the best technologies to use to create this game. We plan to implement it as a VueJS project along with The challenge is to hookup a database like MongoDB to to store data such as user profiles.

Coming up with the right technology to use was hard because originally we wanted to create a Python app. However, most web applications are ran by JavaScript. Not to say that creating a Python web app is impossible, but not as intuitive as JavaScript. We decided to stray away from having to “reinvent the wheel” as some would say and to stick with main web frameworks.

One struggle we will have to overcome is the literal language translations. Thankfully, there are libraries out there such as Google Translate, that can aid our development and make this possible. Of course integration will be tricky, but that is the fun part right?

All in all, project development is going fantastic as I have a great and reliable teammate. Along with a very supportive instructor. I do have to say that CS 461 has been added to my list of favorite classes taken here at OSU!

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart
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