Good Afternoon,

I am happy to announce that the Next Generation Learning Task Force has identified a group of faculty and staff to form the working committee that has been charged with exploring a wide range of innovative tools to will allow OSU faculty to enhance the teaching and learning at Oregon State University.

NGLT Working Group

Cub Kahn, Instructional Designer in the Center for Teaching & Learning
Shannon Riggs, Director of Course Development and Training, Extended Campus
Cheridy Aduviri, Instructor, College of Education
Richard Nafshun, Senior Instructor, College of Science
Lynn Greenough, Specialist for Instructional Technology for Student Media Services
Margaret Mellinger, Associate Professor OSU Libraries & Press
Dianne Fisher, Co-Chair, Director of OER and Emerging Technologies
Cheryl Middleton, Co-Chair, Associate Professor OSU Libraries & Press

We have also put together a faculty and staff response task group for input and feedback, as well as information sharing within their academic units about this project.

NGLT Response Group

Kim Johnson, Director of International Faculty Admissions
John Bailey, Associate Professor, College of Forestry
John Greydanus, Director Outreach and Media Services
Simon Driver, Associate Professor, College of Public Health & Human Sciences
Kathy Becker-Blease, Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts
Kathy Ketchum, Faculty, College of Pharmacy

The projects next step is to call together the committee members for a face-to-face meeting to develop a strategy for some informal conversation with learning technology vendors.  That conversation will be based on the 9 teaching and learning expectations that are documented in the  Teaching & Learning Task Force Report, July 2012.  This report is located on the NGLT website:

As we progress on this project we will continue to update this blog.

Cheryl Middleton, Co-Chair NGLT

Associate University Librarian Learning & Engagement, OSU Libraries & Press