*Almost* Snow Day

Corvallis campus was hit with a light snowfall on Sunday night of Week 9. The snow stuck around until about mid-Monday. Students were hopeful that administration would cancel school on Monday and they’d get an extra day to study and finish up homework assignments, but at 7:24 AM students received the message they were all waiting for via the Oregon State Twitter account: “Good morning. Corvallis campus operations will run as normal today. Please use personal discretion navigating to and from campus.”

Some students decided to make the trek to campus and experienced some icy road conditions while others stayed in and emailed their instructors to let them know they would not be in class. Spring is right around the corner, yet we’re still experiencing wintery weather! Please be wary about your safety and traveling anywhere!

With that being said the term is quickly coming to an end, but we still have a few events for you to attend! The last Agricultural Executive Council meeting is tomorrow, March 8 at 7pm in Weniger 153. The College of Agricultural Sciences Dance and Dinner is on Friday, March 10 from 7pm to 10pm at the Oldfield Arena off of 35th and Campus Way. Lastly, don’t forget to register for our Spring Industry Tour; to get the $50 registration fee sign up by 5pm on Friday, March 10! You can find the Google form here and more information about the tour here. The registration fee will bum up to $65 after the 10th and will remain open until noon on April 3rd. Sign up, meet some new friends and professionals, get a cool shirt and a Gorge-ous tour of Oregon!

Check out our Facebook page for future events and subscribe to get reminders!

Have a great rest of the term!

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