Meet the 2018-2019 Ag Exec Team!


Monica Debord (President).  I am a senior studying Agriculture Science with a goal of becoming an Ag Teacher in a high school classroom. I am from Damascus OR, where I grew up on a little patch of land with dogs and 2 alpacas. My favorite place to be is at my grandmas house is Colton OR, because I can always be a kid there.


 Dakota Lager (Vice-President). I’m an Agricultural Sciences major.I grew up on the majestic Oregon Coast. One of my favorite pastimes is hiking and exploring the state’s natural wonders. OI love finding new places to explore.



 Ashleigh Ehrke (Director of Public Relations).  I am a third year junior studying Bioresource Research with a concentration in animal reproduction and development, and a minor in fisheries and wildlife. I participate in the Meat science club, forestry club, logging sports team, as well as the OSU Polo team. I love working with livestock and wildlife, and hope to pursue a career that allows me to have the best of both worlds in a research setting. Looking forward to the year ahead serving the College of Ag !

 Jolie Dickerson (Director of Finance). My major is Animal Science with an option in livestock production. I am a 3rd year senior at OSU and am planning to become  an artificial insemination technician after this term and take 6 months in 2019 to be focusing on two different internships in Eastern Oregon. While also being the director of Finance, I am also the barn foreman for Steer-A-Year.

Jessica Croxson (Director of New Fields). I am originally from Arbuckle, California. My major is Animal Science with a production emphasis and a minor is Agricultural Business. An interesting fact about me is that I used to operate my own small business that entailed giving horse lessons to children.


Katelyn Wetzler (Director of Ag Days). I am majoring in Animal Sciences. I am from Clackamas, Oregon and one interesting fact about me is I grew up on a 12 acre farm in the middle of an urban community.



Katelyn Schrum (Director of Correspondence). I am majoring in Pre-Vet Medicine and minoring in Fisheries & Wildlife. I want to be a Zoological Vet. I sang in a NYC professional Broadway production. I love being in Ag Exec because it allows me to engage with people with similar interests and goals.


Marcos Viveros Cespedes (Graduate Assistant).  I am from Chile where I obtained my bachelors degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. In 2016 I graduated from Oregon State University where I completed a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.  I am excited to go back to grad school this fall to start a PhD program in Education. I believe that my experience teaching and mentoring college students will positively contribute to my position as Agricultural Executive Council Advisor.

Christina Walsh, PhD. (Ag Exec Advisor). I grew up on both the west and east coasts and most recently moved to Oregon from NYC. I have been working with college students for 15 years  in a variety of roles, but always focused on supporting student learning and growth. I am excited to be at OSU in the College of Agricultural Sciences, and I am particularly excited about supporting student involvement through Ag Exec.










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One thought on “Meet the 2018-2019 Ag Exec Team!

  1. Virgil Choate

    Was great to read about the Ag Exec Council. I served as president of the Council in 57/58. Our advisor was soils professor Murray Dawson.
    I remember those of us that took his class said it was like Drinking Out of a Fire Hydrant when you tried to keep up with his lectures even though he handed out the outline.
    What a great experience the Ag Exex Council was. Some of the current activities mirror some in my day.
    Since graduating I first spent 7!years teaching Vo-Ag and FFA Advisor at
    The Dalles High School and then since 1966 a Agricultre Banker. At 80 years old still working as Ag Banker several days week. Gotta keep mind and body working. Agriculture folks are the greatest and the best folks to be able to assist.
    Good and Best to you all.
    Virgil L Choate
    VP and Agricultural Consultant
    Columbia Bank , The Dalles, Oregon
    Retired after 30 years with US Bank in Oregon then worked for few years for Columbia River Bank before Columbia Bank

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