Welcome Our Newest Advisor!

Hey Everyone!
If you haven’t heard yet, the Agricultural Executive Council added a new co-advisor to our team last week: Raisa Canete Blazquez
Raisa Blazquez, co-advisor and PhD Student

Raisa Canete Blazquez, co-advisor and PhD Student from Spain!

Raisa has a unique background that’s going to bring a new perspective to the team. Here’s her story:

“I am originally from Barcelona, Spain, where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting. My first languages are Spanish and Catalan, and I also speak English and some German. I love languages and I have always been interested in the American culture, which is why when I was a Sophomore (back in 2011) I came to Oregon for an exchange program at PCC. During the four months I was here, I fell in love with this state, so I decided I would come back after graduating and go to Grad School at Oregon State University.
It has been almost two years now since I moved here, and I soon will be done with my Master’s program. During this time, I have explored different aspects of being a grad student at OSU. I have taken classes in areas such as Education, Ethnic Studies and Foreign Languages and Literatures. I have taught first level Spanish, and worked at the Writing Center. I love meeting people from different areas of study and learning from everyone’s experiences, and OSU has given me the opportunity to get involved in different departments and associations. At this moment, while I finish the thesis for my master’s degree, I am starting a PhD in Education in a brand new program, the LEEP (Language, Equity and Educational Policy). This is the beginning of a new stage of development in my life, both as a student and as a person, an I am looking forward to being part of it, and to the new experiences that it will bring along.
And that is one of the reasons why I am so excited about my new position as an advisor for the Ag Exec team. Coming from a completely different field, I hope to bring new perspectives into this department and to learn from each one of the people that I will be working with. I am eager to connect with them and support them in every way. I have been in several clubs in the past, as well as I have been part of different organization committees, and as much as I enjoy it very much, I understand how tiring it can get, especially when you have to balance it with school and work. I want the students to see me as someone they can relate to and trust, someone who will be there for anything they might need. I will do my best to assist them with their work, and I will work hard to be prepared for any situation that might come up.”
I can speak on behalf of the team here when I say that Raisa is an inspirational leader with a genuine and determined attitude. We’re excited to work together as a team and see where this year leads us. Meet Raisa tonight at the Agricultural Executive Council Meeting at 7pm in Weniger 151!
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