Ag Day 2011

The high traffic campus of Oregon State University had an eerie feeling at 6:30 in the morning without a student in sight. Annually at the beginning of May, the Agricultural Executive Council hosts “Ag Day” in the Memorial Union Quad at the heart of the campus in conjunction with the FFA CDE Days. The purpose of Ag Day is to enable current students, as well as perspective FFA students to see what all the 30 + clubs and organizations of the College of Agricultural Sciences has to offer. Diversity is widespread within Ag Day; everything from Greek row representatives, all the way to the organic growers club.

Smack dab in the middle of the MU Quad sat stacks of tables and over a hundred chairs to be unfolded and set up across the Quad.  Equipped with toasted bagels, and Starbucks Coffee, the Agricultural Executive Council was ready to begin one of our biggest events of the year. After setting up the area, it was time to roll in the big rigs; the council knew that it is the huge tractors and brand new trucks that really draw in the student’s attention. With the help of Alpha Gamma Rho, we were able to bring in both John Deere and New Holland tractors. As well as having Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, and Toyota pick-ups as far as the eye could see through oak and blooming rhododendron pathways.

As the sun began to rise higher in the sky, club members, ambassadors from the College of Agricultural Sciences, and various students began to show up in the midst of the morning. At 9:00 sharp Ag Day had begun with all booths in place, and university students everywhere. Ag Exec sold tee-shirts that said, “The Heart of Oregon State- Agriculture,” on the front; as well as, “Farm Today, or Starve Tomorrow” on the back. The shirts were a huge hit and sold out within the hour. As the day continued on it was great to see instructors, faculty members, and even deans from numerous colleges becoming active with the festivities offered. Nearing lunch-time, Young Cattlemen’s Association offered a fantastic lunch and Ag Exec had gallons upon gallons of ice cream for a tasty dessert.

As 3:00 in the afternoon neared, clubs had started to pack up their booths and the conclusion of Ag Day had begun. With the help with many students from the college, the clean-up of the MU Quad was fast and efficient. All tractors and pick-ups were required to be delivered back to the dealerships; Ag Exec and AGR jumped on the opportunity to return them. In the end, Ag Day was a huge success with hundreds of students from the numerous colleges at OSU shuffling through club booths, pick-up truck exhibits, and even beer production enactments, all realizing the true heart of Oregon State. Agriculture.

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