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Introductions are always a great place to start, so hi! I’m Natalie Harris, a third year student at Oregon State University earning Honors degrees in creative writing and graphic design. I’ve always seen myself as a storyteller. Perhaps a more chaotic one since I find myself jumping around with how I tell stories.

From a design standpoint — I love photography (film and digital), designing book covers, editorial design, and I’m experimenting with my own hand lettering. I’m currently the Instagram editor for OSU’s Honors College, meaning I design things for social media and manage the account. This academic year I am also the assistant editor for OSU’s art and literary magazine, Prism. Even though both jobs are dealing with different things, I see a similar thread run through them.

Through design, I am helping to educate and inspire others. Whether that’s through promoting an upcoming event, or designing a magazine comprised of student submissions, I’m putting content into the world that helps others in some capacity.

Whatever avenue of storytelling I use, I want my designs to matter. Stories bring us together, they unite us and teach us new things, and I hope my designs can follow a similar plot.

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