Diversity Practitioners Summit- Jan. 22, 2018

The Diversity Practitioners Summit (DPS) is a program that the Business Diversity Institute organizes on a quarterly basis. This week Tracy Sagal, Senior Procurement Analyst with Metro, oversaw the meeting’s topic of ‘Driving Participation through Effective Solicitation Language’. We enjoyed a panel discussion and even had an opportunity to score proposals over a delicious lunch. Additionally, we listened to Steve Simms of the Bureau of Labor and Industries share best practices for apprenticeship programs and how to best use BOLI programs to support our business needs.

The next DPS is March 7, 2018. Here is a link to learn more about this valuable program http://www.bdiweb.org/programs/diversity-practitioners-summit/

To learn about other BDI events click on this link http://www.bdiweb.org/events/





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