Real Work begins

The team met to discuss the project plan and there were a lot of details to cover. As we went through the requirements, it quickly became apparent that every decision that we had to make had to be considered holistically. ex. how it impacts UI/UX, the required APIs, team-mate’s reactions and comfort level, tasks allocation,… Continue reading Real Work begins

Starting to gel

The project team is formed and we are matching on! Our project was to make an animal dating app together but there are so many logistical decisions that needed to be made. i.e. Front end tech-stack, Back end tech, Databases, source control, do we need unit testing, hosting, etc. Without any structured prescriptive baby-steps like… Continue reading Starting to gel

Music meets Code

My first Blog ever! My name is Chris and I work as a musician as my day job. (If i can put it that way). In reality though, there are no fixed hours in the life of a musician. You take students, play on some gigs, practice your craft, arrange music, etc and manage your… Continue reading Music meets Code