For a long time, yogurt has been touted for its health benefits, ranging from gut health to possibly contributing to weight loss.1 Did you know yogurt is full of probiotics, calcium, protein and many other healthful nutrients? However, yogurt can be chock-full of sugar. Many single-serving yogurts contain as much sugar as a Snickers candy bar! But yogurt can be part of a healthy balanced diet. Knowing how to read the label can help you decide which ones to buy and which ones to leave out of your shopping basket. Continue reading

sticks of butter yummm

Every good story has a villain, and when it comes to food and fad diets there’s no exception. One of the top nutrition demons for over 40 years has been saturated fat –found in high amounts in many baked and fried goods, meat, and full-fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese. The rationale? Saturated fat is associated with increased LDL, or “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries. We’ll come back to this.

The US Dietary Guidelines tells us to limit saturated fat due to studies linking saturated fat to heart disease, the number one killer worldwide. However, more and more research has since led experts to question this link. Continue reading

Table of processed foods surounding a question mark.

Hello, health-conscious readers! Here’s a question for you:

Which of the following are processed foods?

(a) a washed head of lettuce purchased from the grocery store
(b) dry pinto beans in the bulk bin
(c) Twinkies
(d) All of the above

The answer, of course, is… (d). Are you surprised? I have to admit I was. Fast food, frozen dinners and hot dogs are obvious enough, but fresh produce and shelled nuts…really? To better understand what is meant by ‘processed foods,’ let’s figure out how they’re defined. Continue reading

Glass of Milk

Instead of putting cow’s milk on their oatmeal in the morning, more and more people are switching to nondairy milk alternatives, such as soy, almond, and rice milk.  Is this a bad thing? Americans are drinking far less cow’s milk than we used to, even though most people know that the calcium in milk helps to build strong bones.  Let’s compare the key nutrients in milk to those in popular milk alternatives.  We’ll also look at some key health benefits they have to offer.

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grain anatomy

Whole grains are the only way to go. They are, well, good for you. Maybe, you have heard that processed grains are unhealthy and should be banned. That sounds right… Or does it??

Well, there is much more to the story, and I will tell that story here. At the risk of losing all credibility, I will venture to say that processed grains are good. Yes, I know that sounds a bit blasphemous, but you can’t go away now. Please, I beg of you, don’t leave yet. Hear me out.

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