About Stephanie Moore

I grew up on the Oregon coast in the small town of Warrenton where I met my high school sweetheart and married shortly after graduating from Clatsop Community College with my Associate's degree. I transferred to Oregon State University to pursue my love for nutrition. At OSU I had the privilege of being involved in the Nutrition and Dietetics Club which I served as webmaster for my senior year. I graduated from OSU in the Spring of 2014 with my Bachelor's degree in Nutrition. My passion for nutrition started in high school and has grown so much since pursuing a career in dietetics. I am interested in working in many areas of dietetics, including renal, oncology, sports nutrition and public health. When I'm not studying nutrition, I enjoy exercising, reading, playing piano, going on adventures with my husband, cooking up new recipes in the kitchen and working on my blog, bellyfullofkale.wordpress.com.

For a long time, yogurt has been touted for its health benefits, ranging from gut health to possibly contributing to weight loss.1 Did you know yogurt is full of probiotics, calcium, protein and many other healthful nutrients? However, yogurt can be chock-full of sugar. Many single-serving yogurts contain as much sugar as a Snickers candy bar! But yogurt can be part of a healthy balanced diet. Knowing how to read the label can help you decide which ones to buy and which ones to leave out of your shopping basket. Continue reading