What to do…what to do…

The thing I’ve heard most frequently since I started this degree is about how there are no entry-level jobs, despite the huge demand for engineers. The consensus is that the demand is mostly for experienced engineers, and that internships and entry-level positions are few and far between.

In terms of actual “doing” (as in my position, as opposed to the company/industry), my gift and curse is that I enjoy a lot of things. There’s a wide array of roles that I would be satisfied doing – data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, software engineer, software developer, cybersecurity engineer, and on and on. The thing I care about mainly is the company and industry that I’d be working in.

Basically, I just want to feel that what I’m doing is purposeful. I have no plans for a family, nor are there any people that currently depend on me for anything, so I want to find fulfillment in my career. I haven’t started a serious job search yet, but I probably will start poking around more during this winter break. Wish me luck!

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