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  • Tech Knowledge-y

    So, our project is a full-stack web tool, which, if I understand full stack correctly, means we’re doing everything from top to bottom, start to finish, you get the point. This means that we need a website that people can see and click on things in. We’re also storing user information, resumes, cover letters, etc., […]

  • Coding practices

    Chapter 1 of Robert Martin’s Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship has a pretty amusing opening: “You are reading this book for two reasons. First, you are a programmer. Second, you want to be a better programmer. Good. We need better programmers.“ More do There’s definitely one thing I know that I can […]

  • What to do…what to do…

    The thing I’ve heard most frequently since I started this degree is about how there are no entry-level jobs, despite the huge demand for engineers. The consensus is that the demand is mostly for experienced engineers, and that internships and entry-level positions are few and far between. In terms of actual “doing” (as in my […]

  • Getting past the hiccups

    We’re pretty far through the first term at this point, and I’d say our team has been pretty productive. That’s definitely not to say that it’s been perfect, though. As a group, we had a large misunderstanding of how the dynamic with our project mentor was supposed to work, and it took a few weeks […]

  • Oh, hi

    I’m kind of curious how many self-intros I’ve written since going back to school. I guess I could just count how many courses I’ve taken so far but…too much work, not enough curiosity right now. I think that a couple things about me that tend to raise eyebrows are the answers to “What’s your name?” […]

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