Update: The Latest Daily Routine

How ironic. After I finally make a post about our KetoCalculator spreadsheet, we had a problem this morning. There was some glitch in updating the spreadsheet on Google Docs, so Ted and I were not seeing the same version, and the version showing up on my computer disagreed with our written notebook record of breakfast and snack for the day. It was a very strange mistake and we can’t figure out when or why it happened, but it is another lesson in checking and double checking, keeping good records, and working together.

The good news is that Nora’s meals for the day were not impacted. They were calculated on the correct information. Even with fancy calculating technology, we still have to keep a sharp eye out for anything that just doesn’t look right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to have our KetoCalculator and it wouldn’t have happened if Ted had not taken the initiative to build it. It took a little bit of time to transition to using it for all meals, but it has been a great help overall. Now that we have seen our first glitch, we know to double check totals, keep our cool and track down problems.

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