Cooking day!

Some days you realize that you’ve run out of everything. We also have a trip to Portland to the KetoClinic tomorrow, and we are going to the coast for the weekend, thanks to Ted’s colleague, Annette and her family, for letting us use their beach house. It’s so great to have a kitchen! We will also get to see one of Nora’s best little friends, Ingrid, who has been in Eastern Oregon this summer. Lots to look forward to–and we don’t want to stress about food.

In my kitchen today: A new batch of B^3, a new and improved formulation that will include coconut oil in order to boost the fat content a bit more. Now that Nora consistently expects B^3 and apples or carrots for her morning snack, I am changing the formulation to make that whole snack 3.5:1, now that we are in the groove at the new ratio. I am not planning to post the new recipe, but if anyone wants it just let me know. It was time to buy a big new jar of Adams Natural Peanut Butter for another batch. Just mixing in the naturally-separated peanut oil is a job, and it’s only step 1!

I’m also making a new hazelnut-coconut oil breakfast cookie that is 3.5:1. I have not tried my new formula yet, but if it works it will be a great basis for breakfast and we will not have to separately deliver coconut oil. It can also be used for a quick self-contained snack. I had to buy more Bob’s Red Mill Hazelnut Meal/Flour today. That stuff is finely ground gold–$10.99 for a 14 oz bag! At least I don’t have to grind it myself. Unlike macadamia nuts, which are almost $20 per pound and I do have to grind myself.

Cheddar Crackers

Earlier this week I made some cheddar crackers and PBJ muffins. The cheddar cracker recipe is right out of the Keto Cookbook, and they are so good. Anders thinks they taste like cheese puffs, but we do our best to reserve them for Nora. 🙂

I might try my hand at the basic keto pizza recipe from the Keto Cookbook tonight, but I might just be done with cooking by the time I get to it. Step 1 for that recipe will be grinding the macadamia nuts. I will also have to analyze the recipe and put it in our KetoCalculator spreadsheet before Nora can have it. Sigh, I guess that one will probably wait for another time.

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