Beck awarded DOE fellowship

Peter Beck, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering, has been awarded a three-year fellowship through the United States Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy University Program. Beck received one of just 33 graduate fellowships for students pursuing nuclear energy-related disciplines. “This funding will allow me to continue my studies and pursue the technology to make nuclear […]

Funny robots lead to best paper award

Naomi Fitter, assistant professor of robotics, won the Best Paper Award at the 2020 Association for Computing Machinery/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. The paper, co-written with John Vilk, “Comedians in Cafes Getting Data: Evaluating Timing and Adaptivity in Real-World Robot Comedy Performance,” reported findings that may provide key clues for how social robots can […]

Rising to the pressure

Since 2009, Softstar has sponsored student capstone design projects at the School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering. Capstone design is a two-course sequence in which seniors design and implement workable solutions to real-world problems.

Supercritical cooling work wins NSF support

New methods for managing thermal energy in power cycles could bring significant improvements in applications such as electricity generation, advanced aerospace applications, and electronics. “What we learn could be applied to make those things smaller, less expensive, more efficient, and safer,” said Brian Fronk, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Oregon State University, who recently […]

Strengthening our bonds with industry

The School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering has deep connections to industry, throughout Oregon and beyond. One of the ways we develop those connections is through our industry advisory board.

Campbell named ASME Fellow

Matt Campbell, professor of mechanical engineering, has been elected a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Sencer wins JSPE Best Paper Award

Burak Sencer, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, will be part of a group of researchers who will receive this year’s Best Paper Award from the Japan Society for Precision Engineering.

Ng named ASEM Fellow

Ean Ng, assistant professor of industrial engineering In November, Ean Ng, assistant professor of industrial engineering, was a named a Fellow of the American Society of Engineering Management

Layer by layer

Together with teams across the College of Engineering, Paul and Pasebani have secured more than $6.3 million from the National Science Foundation and other federal, state, and private sources to develop a new generation of MAM technology.

In memorium: Murty Kanury

Dr. Kanury, known affectionately as Murty, passed away peacefully surrounded by family and friends on January 8, 2020, in Durango, Colorado.

A frosty idea for fresh, clean water

“Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.” That’s a line from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It’s also the reality for thousands of people every year when disasters strike along coastlines and broken pipes and flooded infrastructure leave access to nothing but seawater.  This past academic year, a […]

New faculty joining MIME

Joseph Agor, assistant professor of industrial engineering Agor’s main research interest is in data driven optimization with applications in health care. More specifically, he is interested in using linear, integer, and multilevel optimization techniques to develop data driven decision support tools for decision makers in health care both at a system and patient level. He […]

Building connections by pushing limits

OSU Overclocking provides students with real-world industry experience Seeing frost form on your computer parts would usually be cause for alarm – but not for the members of OSU Overclockers. Frost is to be expected when the key ingredient of your cooling system is liquid nitrogen. Overclocking, or pushing a computer’s processor past the manufacturer’s […]

Alumni spotlight: Tim Weber is printing a new vision of mass production

Tim Weber (’91 Ph.D., mechanical engineering) has been spearheading innovation at HP for more than 25 years. As global head of 3D metals for HP, he focuses on bringing mass production of printed metal parts to the $12 trillion global manufacturing industry for the first time. One of HP’s early inkjet pioneers, he was part […]

Funk retires, continues to lead ‘The Good Life’

Thirty-nine years ago, Ken Funk traveled from one OSU (The Ohio State University) to another (Oregon State University). He’d just graduated with a doctorate in industrial and systems engineering, and headed west to start his appointment in the (then) Department of Industrial and General Engineering. He would eventually serve as the interim head of the […]

MIME faculty newly appointed to endowed and named positions

At the heart of Oregon State University’s pursuit of excellence are faculty — scholars and educators who advance knowledge while teaching, challenging, and guiding students. These are the individuals in whom Oregon State’s mission lives and breathes. Named faculty positions bring resources and prestige to Oregon State, allowing the university to recruit and retain the […]

Sencer awarded ASME’s Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award

Burak Sencer, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, was awarded the Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for his paper, “Frequency Optimal Feed Motion Planning in Computer Numerical Controlled Machine Tools for Vibration Avoidance.“ The award recognizes the best original academic papers that have “resulted in a significant contribution […]

Paul elected to SME College of Fellows

Brian K. Paul, professor of manufacturing engineering, was elected to the SME College of Fellows.   The honor recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to the social, technological, and educational aspects of the manufacturing profession over 20 or more years of service. “It is great to be recognized for my contributions to the manufacturing […]

Logendran to retire after 30 years

After an illustrious 30-year career at Oregon State University, R. Logen Logendran, professor of industrial engineering, is set to retire in September.

Congratulations to the MIME Class of 2019!

In June, MIME celebrated one of the largest and most diverse graduating classes in our school’s history, with over 400 undergraduates and 125 graduate students receiving degrees (according to preliminary numbers) . They join the now 200,000 Oregon State University alumni living and working around the world. Harriet B. Nembhard, school head and Eric R. […]

Searching for a safer refrigerant

By Tabeel Jacob Have you ever heard of a “refrigerant?” It almost sounds like “refrigerator,” right? Well, if you thought they might be related, you’d be right! In fact, a wide range of our daily appliances and machinery – such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and automobiles – contain refrigerants. The refrigerants in these systems undergo […]

Geometry of Locomotion

By Suresh Ramasamy A majority of mobile robots that operate in the world around us either use wheels or legs for locomotion. The reason for this is the inherent simplicity of operation in the case of wheels and easy access to environments of societal interests like buildings, stores, and warehouses in the case of legs. […]