Logendran to retire after 30 years

After an illustrious 30-year career at Oregon State University, R. Logen Logendran, professor of industrial engineering, is set to retire in September. Logendran joined in the fall of 1989 what was then the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State. In the time since, he has made significant research contributions in two specific […]

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August 20, 2019

Logen Logendran
R. Logen Logendran, professor of industrial engineering.

After an illustrious 30-year career at Oregon State University, R. Logen Logendran, professor of industrial engineering, is set to retire in September.

Logendran joined in the fall of 1989 what was then the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State. In the time since, he has made significant research contributions in two specific areas of manufacturing systems: design of cellular manufacturing, and group scheduling. His research has been funded by several organizations, including the National Science Foundation, Oregon Metals Initiative, and industry. With more than 140 publications, his work has served as a catalyst for academics and practitioners alike to pursue further research on related problems.

It has also earned him numerous, prestigious recognitions. He was elected Fellow of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers in 2009; received the Best Paper Award twice (in 2009 and 2012) for papers presented at international conferences and published in the conference proceedings; received the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award in Academic and Research Excellence by the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; was inducted into the inaugural 2016 Cowboy Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management at Oklahoma State University; and, most recently, he won the 2017 Award for Technical Innovation in Industrial Engineering from the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. Logendran’s research has been further recognized with summer faculty research fellowships sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research at McClellan Air Force Base, the Boeing Welliver Faculty Fellowship, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center. He also received the Fulbright Scholarship in 2000 to teach and conduct research at the University of Science Malaysia.

Logendran has actively engaged students in his research. He has advised 30 graduate students and has worked with eight undergraduate students on several NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates projects. His former doctoral students are employed in academia and industry in several countries. He has taught a total of 24 courses at Oregon State and has made immense contributions to the analysis component of the undergraduate and graduate IME curriculum. For 13 years (2004 to 2016), Logendran served as the IME Graduate Program Chair.

“With all humility,” Logendran said, “I have carried out my duties with one purpose: to instill education and research in undergraduate and graduate students without compromising quality and rigor.”

Logendran and his wife, Jayanthi, have two daughters, Verni and Vathani. Verni was a year old when they moved to Corvallis in 1989, and Vathani was born a month after. Oregon is home for the family, and they have no plans to leave Corvallis any time soon. He and Jayanthi plan to spend more time visiting countries they haven’t before to learn about their cultures and places of importance; by last count they have visited 47 countries. Logendran wants to learn other languages – Spanish is on the top of his list. Also on his list is to spend time volunteering for personally meaningful causes.

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17 thoughts on “Logendran to retire after 30 years

  1. Great to hear about your illustrious career and the services rendered to students and acdemic community. All the best for the future.
    Rohan Tittagala
    (Batchmate 1970-1975)

  2. Well Done and Congratulations. Enjoy your precious retirement with pride and satisfaction. Wish you and Family all the Best.
    Siva, UK.

  3. It was my honor to pursue my PhD research under your supervision, you made a big contribution in my personal and professional life. Congratulations and happy retirement life.

  4. Congratulations !!!!
    Hope to see you in Colombo if you intend to visit Sri Lanka.
    With Best Wishes.

    Batchmate Katudedda Campus

  5. Congratulations Logen; well earned retirement. I am 2 years ahead of you on retirement experience, so any questions? ask away.

    We hope, Jeyanthi, Verni & Vathany are ready for your constant harassment now.

  6. Professor Logendran.
    May the next chapter be as fulfilling as this one that draws to a close and may generations of future professors draw inspiration and lessons from your words and experiences. Our Schools, Universities, and Companies needs more educators like you Sir.
    Your family, Friends, Colleagues, Oregon State University, your students, and Corvallis community are proud of you Sir! You have left a legacy! All the very best for future assignments!
    A well-deserved honor sir! We need more teachers like you! Thank you for being that leader to instill education and research in undergraduate and graduate with out Compromising Quality and Rigor!
    Hopefully you will visit the rest of the world with health, joy and happiness.
    Wishing you every success along the way of your next journey!
    I love you man!
    With respect and gratitude
    Kais Ebrahem

  7. Delighted to have read about the excellent achievements and services rendered. Wish you best of luck.
    Batch-mate. Katubedda Campus

  8. Congratulations Logen on your retirement after such a long rewarding career. The numerous well-deserved awards are simply formal recognitions of your energy and dedication in teaching and research with the highest degree of “quality and rigor.” As your former doctoral student, I can attest to that! 🙂

    Enjoy this new chapter of life, and please let me know if you stop by Toronto on your world tour.

    Class of 2003

  9. Dr. Logendran has devoted his life into conducting research and teaching. He has been a great professor and I wish him all the best in life.

  10. Congratulations Loga,thank you for the great service you have done for many years. Enjoy life, visit us often, have a wonderful time! Lalith, Jayanthi, Hiruni, Savinda.

  11. Congratulations Logan! It was great working with you and knowing your wonderful family. Looking forward to more leisurely hangouts in the future!

    Best wishes,

  12. Dear Logen,
    Congratulations on your well earned retirement. The awards and recognitions are a testimony of your long and illustrious career in teaching and research in industrial engineering.
    Your outstanding research, dedication to teaching combined with your gentle and polite personality are a rare combination that will be missed on OSU campus.
    I look forward to us going for walks and bike rides around Corvallis.
    Once again, congratulations and best wishes on reaching a very significant milestone.

    Best Regards,
    Jay Bhatt

  13. Dear Logendran, Congratulations on a great and fulfilling career! Well done! I am not sure how well you remember me. I was doing my PhD in IE&M at AIT when you were doing your MEng in IE&M there. I am now back home in Australia after retiring from the United Nations. When able, do get in touch with me at k.ramanathan@westernsydney.edu.au.
    We have a lot of catching up to do. God bless you, Jayanthi, Verni, and Vani.

  14. It is indeed a great contribution Prof Logendran and an AIT alumni. Congratulations for the 30 years of dedication in teaching and research, indeed a great and fulfilling career.

  15. Dear Logendran, i am happy to know this achievement of my fellow graduate of AIT. I also came from IE&M, 1981. Congratulations and enjoy your retirement.

  16. Congratulations on your retirement! Indeed a great contribution to the acdemic community. All the best to you!

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