Matthew’s Blog for CS467

  • CS467 Blog Post #4

    Topic: Research and teach us something new about our field

  • Blog Post #3 CS467

    02/09/23 I am currently working on a group project for this class with 2 other team members. The core technologies that we are working on and applying are all things that I would consider myself not an expert in but this project has allowed me to explore and learn new things that I would not…

  • Blog Post #2 CS 467

    It’s already the end of January and there is only around 2 months left in the CS Post-Bacc program at OSU for me. I started this as a challenge to myself to push and learn new things while building a better foundation for myself Currently I am working full time as an SQA Engineer at…

  • Week 1 CS467

    This is my final course in my OSU CS Post-Bacc journey. I started this as a personal challenge at the beginning of 2019 and getting here is pretty crazy. Over that time I have changed jobs, moved several times, and got married as well. Currently I am working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at…

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