Post Trip Update

Since being back home from our trip there is a lot that I have noticed that is different than being in the midwest. The first would be the heat, it is nice to breath in the cool crisp air of Oregon. Another difference is that you don’t see corn and soy beans everywhere. And it was nice to be able to sleep in for a little while.

I gained tons from this class, from seeing the differences in agriculture in other places of the United States to meeting and getting to know the other people on the trip. Our days were always filled with interesting tours from some of the top companies in the agriculture industry. The tour that stuck with me the most of Triumph foods. Being able to see the whole process was very eye opening for me.

Overall this trip was probably the most fun I have had taking a class. I want to thank Matt for putting on this trip. It will definitely be a class I will look forward to taking in the future.

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