Day 2! Arch, Riverboat and Monsanto

Wow! Today was a very full day of touring St. Louis! We started off the morning heading down to the courthouse and saw some of what the original courthouses look like. We then walked down the block to the St. Louis Arch. We had to take very small sized tram to the top that only fitted 5 people! It was so small you couldn’t stand up and could probably touch the other side from where you were sitting. When you got to the top the views were very impressive! And you could see all of downtown St. Louis. We then went down to the Mississippi River and went on a Riverboat tour.

After a morning of touring ┬áSt. Louis we then headed to Monsanto. It was very interesting learning about Monsanto and the research they do. I’m really passionate about agriculture and most particularly crops and crop science, so going to Monsanto was very exciting for me. It was very interesting to learn what they do and how their research works.

Tomorrow we leave in the morning and head to Purina!


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