frankDr. Frank J. Tepley III, Director OSU Electron Microprobe Laboratory

As Director of the Electron Microprobe Laboratory, I provide a range of duties including teaching a course on microprobe analysis, training new, visiting and regular users, overseeing the maintenance and overall operating condition of our analytical machine, interacting with industry clients and providing analytical support for their needs, and collaborating with faculty, staff and students in their research interests. I have experience in analyzing a variety of materials from geological phases and metal alloys to otoliths and thin films. In addition to being the Director, I lead an active research program. I am primarily interested in igneous petrology and high-temperature geochemistry, in particular, the formation, evolution and timescales of magmatic and volcanic systems and in the development and application of specialized geochemical analysis techniques to support these studies. I have been involved in studies of the production of subduction zone lavas, mid-ocean ridge basalts as well as silicic volcanic systems.



Marie Takach, Graduate Research Assistant

As the lab technician, my primary responsibilities include training new users, calibrating and developing procedures, machine maintenance, scheduling, and general lab upkeep. Along with managing the lab, I am also a Ph.D. student at Oregon State University. My passion for research lies within igneous petrology and volcanology. Specifically, I’m interested in combining a variety of tools (e.g., geochemical analyses, field studies, thermodynamic modeling) in order to gain insight into petrogenetic-related questions.

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