When publishing, users of the facility should acknowledge the facility. Failure to make proper acknowledgements is detrimental to the facility.

Before publishing the results of any work done in this facility, persons who wish to use the facility as all or part of their address are welcome to submit the manuscript to the laboratory staff, for review. When the research project has been completed, we request that users provide a copy of the final report for our records. This is quite important as it is the best justification for future support of the facility. Authorship or acknowledgment arrangements are treated as personal matters between the investigator and the assisting laboratory staff member(s); but authorships are not intended as substitutes for service charges.


When analyses conducted at the Electron Microprobe Laboratory are published in journals, book chapters, conference proceedings, or theses, we request the manuscript includes an acknowledgement, such as:

Electron microprobe analyses were carried out at the Electron Microprobe Laboratory, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University.

In talks, we request that the speaker acknowledge the facilities, such as:

Analyses carried out at the Oregon State University Electron Microprobe Laboratory.

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