Oblogatory Introductions.

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

Stephen KingThe Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

What better introduction than one lifted from a well recognized master of their craft. 

Perhaps the only block that appears to be absent in WordPress, but is universally present at some point for all creative types:

Writer’s Block

But, what could be easier than talking about yourself?” you may ask.

A bullet list of facts, that’s what!

  • Name: Theodor Melsheimer
  • Age: (guess in the comments)
  • Hobbies: Piano, Pixel Art, Game Development, Guilty Gear AC+R and other 2D fighting games.
  • Whereabouts: unknown Whidbey Island, WA

All jokes aside, I have found myself severely lacking in creative motivation over the last several months.  Summer 2022 was supposed to be a veritable Renaissance of creativity and growth due to an obscene amount of available free time. 

Now October is rolling around and I have only accomplished what I feared most: Ziltch, Zero, Nada, Bupkis.  

Let’s tally up the results:

Game Jams Participated in : 0

Times I opened Unity: 0

Hours spent playing DNF Duel and Personal 4 Arena Ultimax: Approx. 160

Sick Venom Combos Landed:

My favorite excuses:

Maybe I just needed some mental cool off time. 

I was quite busy with school this year and needed a break. 

Something, something, living isolated on an island due to unfortunate life circumstances has drained me creatively.

Well, the summer is mostly shot already anyways, guess I’ll just work out and play more Guilty Gear.

Well, now the time for excuses is over and I look forward to the capstone project lighting a fire under my derrière.

Looking back the last few months I feel guilty that I have not kept my myself sharp in regards to coding and development.  However, I have also come to discover something that takes the edge off my feelings of regret:

When I’m rusty I will struggle, and that is when I learn the most effectively.  

See you all in the next, much more productive, post!

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