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  • Loop de Loop

    I’ll admit, the project my team has been working on these two terms has proven to be a bit of a climb (maybe more of a rappelling adventure). Rather than choose from some of the more familiar projects offered in the EECS Project Portal, I thought it would be interesting to choose one that would […]

  • Try this One Weird Technology

    Luddites hate it! For my group’s Embedded System Digital Audio Loop Station project, the base technology requirements are pretty specific: at a bare minimum, a microcontroller and corresponding audio adapter are necessary, and we went with the project’s recommendations for these: the Teensy 4.1 development board and the Rev D2 audio shield. I won’t go […]

  • Smells Like Clean Spirit

    Clean Code and Code Smells are tightly intertwined: unclean leads to code smells more often than not, but they differ in their consequences and subjectivity. While some code smells relate to stylistic preferences, others detract from the long-term maintainability of a project. In a survey of 85 professional developers, Yamashita and Moonen discovered that a […]

  • It’s the Fuzz!

    The history of mankind has been marked by countless innovations: the fat burner belt, the meat claw, the Flowbee, Clippy, etc. In rare occurrences, however, a technology comes along that is so revolutionary, a new era is born. Such a harbinger appeared in the last decade, though it went unnoticed by many: the fuzzy finder. […]

  • Uprooting the Embedded

    My first choice from the available projects for this capstone course was the Embedded System Digital Audio Loop Station, for a few of reasons: on a shallow level I’m interested in music, on a kiddie pool level I’m interested in audio synthesis and digital signal processing (though I’m a complete n00b in the context of […]

  • Enter my Blogosphere

    So you say you’re curious about life in the Midwest, eh? And my life in particular? Well I’m flattered. My name is Max Diebold, and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, a city in the Eastern time zone with the largest metropolitan area in Ohio and the third largest in the state by population. We may […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!