An Introduction

Hello, my name is Johnny Malcom, and I’m the creator and author of this blog. I’m a Junior in the Oregon State GD Program, and I have a love (or an obsession) for art that can often get in the way of my daily life. I was born in Portland, Oregon but raised in the small town of Pendleton, Oregon.

I am of the belief that design should be timeless, simple, and relevant. What most people deem “boring” in today’s world is actually amazing in my eyes. The design should be needed, not forced. Rebrandings these days seem out of touch and make no sense (just look at the new General Motors logo, God help us). I often look to those of the past who did it best for motivation and inspiration, like the works of heroes like Saul Bass or Massimo Vignelli

People outside of the design world tend to disregard the past when it comes to a logo here or a typeface there, but I treasure it. That is why I’m so excited for my GD History class, it really is some nerd shit that is right up my alley.

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