Weekly Update: 7/15-7/18

It’s a very busy week for the Magruder Hall Expansion, at the clinic the light fixture and electrical trim are being installed and the metal panels will be installed at the connector. The clinic storefront windows will continue to be installed, as well as the casework. The second floor of the clinic will have the rest of the electrical and plumbing rough-ins going up and then continuing on with sheetrock and wall insulation.

The lecture hall will also be seeing quite a bit of action this week, the casework and lighting fixtures will be installed in the interior of the building. The floors of the lecture hall will be getting a nice polishing this week. On the exterior, the site will be graded and prepped for storm line work.

LINAC is still continuing on with mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins. While the lobby will see framing, utility rough-ins under the concrete slab and sheetrock going up. In the parking lot, concrete will be poured for curbs and sidewalks.

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