Week 9 – Self Reflection

What am I good at? I’m good at communicating with customers and coworkers, especially maintaining honesty and humility while looking to further build a connection. I can pick things up relatively quickly and when I’m very interested in the position, or motivated by factors like fear of getting fired, it gets easier for me to remember what to do. I also have experience in leadership-type roles where I developed skills in analyzing what people are good at and using chemistry between coworkers to establish rapport. Most of all I’m best at giving my best effort no matter what is asked of me, I like to get better.

What do I value? I value expression a lot, I enjoy spaces where I’m able to be myself and voice my opinions which definitely helps with my comfortability. I also value friends and family, staying around the people I love is a massive reason I’m able to stay motivated to be better for not only myself but for them as well. In the workplace, I value opportunities where I’m constantly able to learn, which helps bring freshness and also inspires me to work even harder than I would if it becomes repetitive.

How did I get here? I got here with a lot of help from my close family, and have stayed here through the inspiration of friends. I’ve chosen my career path through great advice from older siblings and mentors here at the university, including some favorite professors. My quest for a good education as well as a great college experience brought me to OSU and I couldn’t be more grateful for the spot I’m in.

Where am I going? I wish I could answer this in confidence, but there’s also beauty in the fact I have no clue what I’ll be doing after this is over. I want to succeed in a role where I feel valued, for a company that shares my values. Hopefully, I get to go places with good people and get to experience more things that make me happy to just be alive. I’m looking to develop my career professionally, but I also want to personally become a better, more patient person, and chase more of my passions.

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