Week 7 – Blog Post IPIP Results

Five categories were measured in the personality test we’ve been assigned to take. These were extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience. Regarding extraversion, I was labeled as rather average, with high scores in cheerfulness and gregariousness, but low scores in activity level and assertiveness. I live at a more relaxed pace and sometimes enjoy time with others, but I usually like to be alone. In agreeableness, I was once again placed in the average category. I am ranked high in modesty and sympathy, but quite low in morality and trust. This means I may suffer from low self-esteem, and also easily feel pity for others; on the other hand, I see people as selfish and untrustworthy, and I also like to keep things to myself rather than reveal information willingly. Conscientiousness held a higher average of scores than most of these categories, dutifulness, and orderliness being my highest. I keep my spaces tidy, live in routine, and have a high sense of my moral obligation. I lack In the category of self-discipline, and I mean really lack, but that doesn’t need further explanation. Neuroticism is the first category I was rated highly in, saying that I am extremely emotional… which upsets me. I am overall a very anxious person and it’s difficult for me to not worry about things, and also feel the effects of stressful situations more easily than a normal person. The only upside to these results is I rarely feel the need to fulfill my cravings. Finally, openness to experience, intellect, and emotionality are the top scores for me here. I’m aware of my own feelings and can express them when I’d like, and am also open to more unusual ideas. Overall, the above results are more or less accurate, but I also don’t do the best with these types of tests with the five answers to each question.

As a potential employee, an employer may say my strengths include my balanced extraversion which highlights that I can work well within a team and help in creating a friendly work environment. My high levels of modesty and sympathy show that I can be more compassionate of coworkers’ or subordinate’s feelings, creating a more harmonious work environment. Due to my orderliness and dutifulness, I can be depended on to stay well organized and complete my tasks as assigned. My creativity could also help bring crucial ideas to a team or insight that wouldn’t have been available previously. As for my weaknesses, I have low activity which means it can take some extra motivation to get me to complete my tasks. I also have trust issues, so working in a competitive environment could lower my want to collaborate. My lack of self-discipline could also make employers question my ability to complete tasks without some form of direct supervision. Finally, I may not be trusted in the most stressful situations because I might not handle them in a way the company would see fit.

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