Week 2 Post

Throughout this weeks readings I have learned a lot. In the reading, The Shape of Design, chapter three, one of the biggest insights I learned was about the first step of any process. You have to start with Why-based questions. I thought this was quite interesting due to the fact that it says any process. This could be for anything and it would still be necessary and relevant. Also in this reading, I learned how your ideas must improve, there is “no conceivable way that you could come up with anything worse” (The shape of design chapter 3). This was interesting to me because brainstorming and creative thinking takes practice, just like anything else. Therefore, if you practice and try again the results must be better at every point. In the reading, Design is Storytelling, by Ellen Lupton, I learned a lot of valuable insights. One of those being designers plan structures. Some people believe that designers do not have structure and do not plan, they simply do. However, designers plan just as much if not more. Consider an architect, or website designers, you have to plan your steps and structure your thinking in order to complete the task at hand.

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