My Journey to Oregon State


My name is Matt and I’m in my last quarter at Oregon State University. As such, I’m taking CS 467 – Online Capstone Project. I’ll be using this blog to chronicle my experience. For this post, though, I’d like to talk about how I came to be at Oregon State.

Why I chose software

My first degree was in Biology. When I started the program in Fall of 2019, I was a Psychiatric Technician at an inpatient behavioral health unit. I was drawn to healthcare as a series of logical next steps that started in high school. I was doing “what made sense.” I was in the middle of applying to Physician Assistant schools when I came to this realization about myself. But what other options did I have? When I first started my initial degree, I had thought about pursuing Computer Science as a major, but was dissuaded from doing so by those around me. Additionally, I feared that I just liked the idea of software development, and wouldn’t like or be good at actually doing it. However, I knew that’s who I wanted to be, a software developer. I just did not know how realistic it was to pursue at that point.

How I found Oregon State

As I sat in bed past midnight one night, unable to sleep because I had become panicked that I had spent years in pursuit of something I didn’t really want. Frantically Googling CS programs, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find something that was affordable and would allow me to continue to work and pay bills. As many other students have I’m sure experienced, I became elated when I found Oregon State’s post-baccalaureate program. I made the decision to apply and go for this in the middle of the night, and wanted to tell somebody. Unfortunately, my girlfriend (now wife) had been fast asleep for hours and I couldn’t bring myself to wake her. Fortunately for me, she was now the people close to me and has been extremely supportive.

Where I’m at now

I continued to work at the behavioral health unit during school until May 2021. At that point, I accepted a summer internship at a local eCommerce company. At the conclusion of that internship, at the end of August, I was offered a full time Software Engineer position. The dream has been realized, though I still must finish out my degree!

Going into the Online Capstone Project, I am excited to find out what project I will be working on and to meet my teammates.

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