Internship Experience

In the last blog entry, I spoke about searching for an internship. In this post, I’d like to talk about my actual experience interning at Scentsy in Meridian, ID. Overview My internship lasted for a large portion of the summer, beginning in mid May and ending at the end of August. I was paid $20/hr… Continue reading Internship Experience

Landing an Internship

I am looking forward to dive into my project, but don’t have too much to report. So this week, I will be talking about finding an internship. Internship Search When I started this program, I knew getting an internship would be essential to starting my new career off on the right foot. Internships, however, are… Continue reading Landing an Internship

My Journey to Oregon State

Hello! My name is Matt and I’m in my last quarter at Oregon State University. As such, I’m taking CS 467 – Online Capstone Project. I’ll be using this blog to chronicle my experience. For this post, though, I’d like to talk about how I came to be at Oregon State. Why I chose software… Continue reading My Journey to Oregon State