Answer: We don’t make endorsements, but we can offer advice for choosing supplements wisely.supplement bottle

It’s important to remember that supplements are not always necessary and they are not regulated as rigorously as drugs, so it is largely up to consumers to determine a product’s appropriateness, safety and potency.

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Answer: Perhaps, but it is good to know more about it first.

Lipoic acid is a naturally-occurring compound that is found in small amounts in food and is also synthesized in small amounts by humans. The amount of lipoic acid available in dietary supplements (200-600 mg) is likely as much as 1,000 times greater than the amount that could be obtained from the diet alone. Continue reading

sleeping is important to circadian rhythms


Our bodies change signals based on a circadian clock – stronger at certain times of the day and weaker at others. It establishes a rhythm of signals that influences our life.

At least one-third of all genes in our bodies are affected by circadian clocks, and so maintaining a normal circadian rhythm is important to keep ourselves in good health. But many people fail to realize the impact that disrupting circadian rhythms has on our well-being.

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