Amazon Web Services

In 2022 summer, I did my intern backend prototype project to create personalized functionality for a huge customers database.

The project requires me to parse million to billion level of data and I learned a lot about Amazon Web Services. Therefore, I am planning to introduce you my experience with AWS tools.

From my perspectives, AWS is one of the best cloud platforms offering all kinds of featured cloud services. This cloud service offers features in analytics, application integration, database, developing tools, networking, security, storage, etc. In general, It offers everything.

Even though I believe AWS is the best cloud service, it is not easy to learn and use it. However, the high learning cost is a common issue for all cloud services. Amazon showed some level of effort in the reference doc. But we still need to google our questions and find most of it on

On the other hand, AWS do offer a free tier account. You can create an account at with an email and a credit card (without charge). Most of the services are offered either 12 months free or always free. Some new and fancy services are offered a free trial.

I built a prototype workflow using AWS Step Function, Athena(MySQL), Lambda, and Simple Storage Service(S3 Buckets). I was impressed by AWS Athena because it handles 10 million lines of data in 4 seconds.

Some famous applications or services built with AWS are Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Also, we should all remember in the final week of Spring 2022, Canvas was down for couple hours, that was because there were some issues with the AWS data center in east America. Generally, with AWS, we could build all kinds of services that is related to the Internet and it is free and easy to create an AWS account to start learning cloud services.

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