Welcome to my Capstone Project Blog!

This is Gan Li. This quarter, 2022 fall, is my last quarter at OSU as an online post-bacc CS student. 

  • What got you started with computers or software?

My first bachelor’s degree is from UCLA math department. I was doing Mathematics Olympiad Competition when I was in high school and I was one of the top students in my home province. But studying from Professor Terrance Tao and professor Ciprian Manolescu made me realize that I could never be like them genius. Therefore, I quit studying pure Math and became a Mechanics for U.S. Army. After honorable discharged, I moved to Seattle for my girlfriend, now she is my wife. As you can imagine, my friends in Seattle area gave me great peer pressure, so after couple years of struggling, I decided to change my career to software development.

  • Current job or internship

Just finished a summer internship and got a return offer. I have to say, it is not as easy as the past to get interviews. So I have to admit that I am somehow relieved.

  • Your future career

SDE then SDE II, then Tech Project Manager maybe?

  • Current interests

Exercise to lose some body weights.

  • Journey with OSU

I started 2021 fall. This is my 4th quarter and I am gonna graduate! Although it is a short journey, I am very thankful that OSU post-bacc program opened my mind and provided me the opportunity to start my career in software development industry.

  • Kids, pets, hobbies, sports, games, activities, etc

Me and my wife have a cat, a dog, and a chinchilla. We are 70% indoor and 30% outdoor person. I have hundreds of games on Steam. I also play a lot of Nintendo games. Speaking of sports, I am running for recent couple months. I occasionally go to the range to shoot some bullets, or go to do some indoor rock climbing. I am planning to start archery as my next new sport. 

Here are some pictures of my lovable pets:

I am still thinking about the content of blog posts in the future. Maybe a journey about me reading a coding book, or maybe about me contributing to a open source software, or maybe some other stories.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you wanna know more about me.

Finally, feel free to keep in touch: Gan’s LinkedIn

Let’s all have a great 2022!

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