About Me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Paul and this journey has been crazy and very enjoyable. My journey with programming all started from my first degree in Marketing where I took a class in Visual Basic. I had an interest in programming at the time, however my path changed as I felt Marketing was where my journey should go. After some time working in the field I did not feel this was the right path and decided to make the change in careers to pursue computer science. I took small courses on Udemy and Udacity just to be sure this was what I wanted to do and from there I applied to OSU. At the same time as OSU I also attended a coding boot camp where I became familiar with Full Stack Development with MERN and Python/Django. From my experience with the coding boot camp and finishing my degree with OSU I have been blessed with an internship at Siemens Digital Industries and have an early acceptance with Experian as a Software Engineer. I will continue to update my blog as my journey continues with my last quarter here at OSU.

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