As we near the end of this quarter I am starting to feel that senioritis. I am just excited to finally be close to finishing this long journey. This quarter went by way faster than I thought it would and it definitely helped having classes that were more project centered than book centered. I remember… Continue reading Senioritis

So Much Out There

I think it’s insane how far technology has come. I’ve always wondered how software engineers survived during the days before google and being able to create applications for their businesses. It’s amazing to see how much technology and information is out there. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially if you encounter a problem in your… Continue reading So Much Out There

Bump in the Road

We have gotten pretty far in our project so far. The project looks great and we have a lot of the functionality finished before entering the mid point. However, we may have hit a bump in the road when it comes to creating our quizzes. Since we don’t know the number of questions that will… Continue reading Bump in the Road

Feelings of Exhaustion

From time to time I have had feelings of exhaustion this quarter as well as other quarters during my duration here. Some classes do require more of a workload than others and other times it’s almost as if you don’t get a break to ease the mind. As software engineers we are always learning and… Continue reading Feelings of Exhaustion

Next Steps

As our project design and plan start to come together in our group, I begin to see what it may be like when it comes to working in an Agile environment. I enjoy the ability of being able to work with others and being able to receive valuable insight from other group members and their… Continue reading Next Steps

About Me

Hello Everyone, My name is Paul and this journey has been crazy and very enjoyable. My journey with programming all started from my first degree in Marketing where I took a class in Visual Basic. I had an interest in programming at the time, however my path changed as I felt Marketing was where my… Continue reading About Me

Hello world!

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