Bernard Daly traveled quite a long distance to get to Lake County from Ireland, but he wasn’t the first. As described in a wonderful book by long-time Lakeview resident Jim Ogle and Paiute Snake Tribe descendent, Clayton Chocktoot, there is evidence that, more than 14,000 years ago, some of the very first Americans traveled by foot all the way from Asia to Lake County. As described in the book, research by the University of Oregon archaeologist, Dennis Jenkins (aka Dr. Poop), shows that radiocarbon-dated human feces found in Paisley Caves are 14,300 years old, pre-dating previous findings from Clovis, New Mexico by more than a thousand years.

From those very early travelers, Ogle and Chocktoot’s book tells stories of area Native Americans, white settlers and their interactions over time. It’s a great read and a reminder that, although we may not have traveled as far as Bernard Daly or the Paisley Cave people, we are all travelers (or descended from travelers) seeking a better life. You can order a copy of Jim Ogle and Clayton Chocktoot’s book, Fort Rock and Paisley Cave Descendants” here.



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